23.06 - 02.07.2011
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Brought by the Sea
Denizden Gelen

Director: Nesli Çölgeçen
Turkey; 2010; 107 min.
Script Ersin Kana
Director of photography Aydin Sarioğlu
Art director Gözde Giray
Music Kemal Sahir Gürel, Erdal Güney, Hüseyin Yildiz, Ayşe Önder, İrşad Aydin
Sound Fatih Aydoğdu
Producers Berna Akpınar, Ömer Can, Nöbetçi Yapım
CastOnur Saylak, Ahu Türkpençe, Jordan Deniz Boyner, Sümer Tilmaç, Deniz Özerman
Production Nöbetçi Yapim
Language Turkish, English (English st.)

Halil who was forced by his father to be policeman causes the death of an African immigrant during his duty. Halil is captured into his inner world because of his guilty conscience, suicide attempt and bad relationship with his father. Meanwhile, Jordan's mother is killed in an accident in Dalyan, while they are trying to cross over to Greece. Dalyan was Jordan’s last stop before meeting with his father. It is also the place where Jordan’s life crosses with the life of Halil. From his mother’s death, Jordan’s life is in Halil’s hands, Halil trusts Jordan with his life. Jordan helps Halil to get his life in a new direction. Their friendship starts off badly but ends with love and compromise.

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