ScriptYury Arabov
CameraYury Raysky
DesignSergey Fevralev
MusicAlexey Aygi
ProducerNatalya Gostyushina,
Sergey Kravets
CastMaxim Sukhanov,
Rosa Khairullina,
Andrey Panin,
Alexander Yatsenko,
Innokenty Dаkayarov,
Vitaly Khaev,
Fedot Lvov,
Moge Oorzhaк,
Tulepbergen Baysakalov
Production"Pravoslavnaya Entsiklopedia"
World salesRezo Films,


The Horde

Director: Andrei Proshkin

It is the word "horde" that had meant, for many countries and nations, bloody raids and being under humilating contribution for centuries – a strange and scary world with its own rules and customs. To be or not to be for Rus (Ruthenia), that is the price of the one-man mission as he is departing to this world to accomplish a feat. The film tells the story of how Saint Alexius, the Metropolitan of Moscow and Wonderworker of All Russia, healed the Tatar Queen Taidula, Jani-Beg's mother, from blindness, in 1357.

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