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ScriptGareth Jones
CameraAlex Ryle
DesignRupert Allan
MusicFiona Howe
SoundCharlie Weisfeld
ProducerFiona Howe
CastJeanne Balibar,
Gavin Fowler,
Tim Dutton,
Eiry Thomas,
Sue Jones Davies,
Iestyn Jones,
Naomi Everson,
Pandora Jones
ProductionScenario Films
World salesScenario Films ,
2013, 90'

AHMAD TEA presents


Director: Gareth Jones
Echo goes looking for her one-time lover and comrade-in-arms, only to fall into a passionate relationship with his son. But sexual abandon triggers the unravelling of a trauma she has long buried for the sake of her children, which now threatens to tear their lives apart. Can eros bring a healing of trauma, or merely its repetition?