The Kids From the Port :: Film catalogue :: Moscow International Film Festival


ScriptAlberto Morais,
Ignacio Gutiérrez-Solana
CameraBet Rourich
DesignCarlos Ramón
MusicXema Fuertes
SoundEduardo Esquide
ProducerRogelio De La Fuente,
José Garrido,
Verónica García,
José Mª Lara
CastOmar Krim Alapont,
Blanca Bautista Díaz,
Mikel Sarasa Huici,
José Luis De Madariaga
ProductionOlivo Films S.L.
World salesMedia Luna ,
2013, 78'

The Kids From the Port
Los chicos del puerto

Director: Alberto Morais
Miguel makes the journey that his grandfather cannot make because he is locked up by his own family. The mission is very simple, go to a funeral and leave an army jacket on the grave of an old man, a friend of his grandfather. Miguel, accompanied by Lola and Guillermo, leaves that island of cement that is the Nazareth neighborhood. He wanders the outskirts of Valencia, looking for a cemetery and faces a deserted city.