Heroin :: Film catalogue :: Moscow International Film Festival


ScriptRene Houwen
CameraThijs Gloger
MusicGerry Arling
SoundRene Houwen
ProducerRene Houwen
CastMads Wittermans,
Eva Puschendorf
ProductionSchaftkip Films
2013, 87'


Director: Rene Houwen
Groningen, the Netherlands. Jos wakes up in a homeless shelter, his regular place to spend the night. It’s almost ten o’clock in the morning. Street life commences, regardless of the weather. Whether he’s sick or not, whether he wants to or not: Jos has to leave. Like all other days. The shelter will reopen in twelve hours. Twelve hours that aren’t easily spent outside in the cold. But today is different. Jos has a plan. He is going to make up for what he did. He’ll have to convince his girlfriend. And his friends. Jos is going to change, starting today. No more drinking. No more smoking. No more coke, heroin or other drugs. Never. Jos really wants to change. He’s quitting his bad habits today. Really. Today is the day. Or, well, maybe tomorrow.