The End of the World :: Film catalogue :: Moscow International Film Festival


CameraPedro Pinho,
Vasco Viana
SoundJoão Gazua
ProducerJoão Gazua,
Leonor Noivo,
Filipa Reis,
CastIdalécio Gomes,
Manuel Gomes,
Eva Santos,
Iara Teixeira
ProductionVende-se Filmes,
Terratreme Filmes
World salesVende-se Filmes ,
2013, 62'

The End of the World
Um Fim De Mundo

Director: Pedro Pinho
A portrait of the daily lives of young people on the outskirts of Lisbon. School is a joke and there's no work to be had anyway, so the girls try to have fun as best they can. Newly arrived girl Eva is very pretty but quiet. A day at the beach, just before the summer holidays. A whisper. A disruption - power goes out, a general blackout - maybe it was an accident, maybe it's only a pretext for a night together.