ScriptGerminal Alvarez,
Nathalie Saugeon
CameraVincent Mathias
DesignMarie-Hélène Sulmoni
MusicEvgueni Galperine,
Sacha Galperine
SoundRodolphe Beauchamps,
Vincent Guillon,
Christophe Leroy
ProducerCaroline Benjo,
Barbara Letellier
CastJean-Hugues Anglade,
Mélanie Thierry,
Philippe Berodot,
Jean-Henri Compère,
Pierre Moure
ProductionHaut et Court,
Direct Cinema
World salesMemento Films International ,
2013, 102'

Back in Crime
L'Autre vie de Richard Kemp

When Police Captain Richard Kemp investigates a murder, strange similarities to the case bring to mind Pierced Ear, a serial killer who he hunted in vain at the beginning of his career. His only witness is Hélène Batistelli. But a mysterious event sends Kemp back twenty years into the past, to May 1989, the day before the first murder was carried out by Pierced Ear. Kemp tries once again to stop murders from taking place, but a young cop complicates things for him: this ambitious detective is none other but himself, twenty years younger... Hélène, who knows nothing about him, will cross his path...