ScriptJacco Groen,
Roy Iglesias
CameraDanny Elsen,
Jan Dellaert,
Patrick Layugan
DesignNina Carla Torres
MusicOlger Star
SoundRaffy Magsaysay
ProducerJacco Groen,
Jamillah van der Hulst,
Mike Downey,
Sam Taylor
CastSandy Tagal,
Johanna ter Steege,
John Arcilla,
Marifee Necesito
ProductionSpringfield Foundation,
24Fps features,
Jaja productions,
Witsenburg Film Productions, F&ME Film & Music
CountryNetherlands, UK
World salesMedia Luna ,
2012, 105'

Lilet Never Happened

The film Lilet Never Happened is a character driven story about Lilet, a maladjusted Filipino street-girl, struggling to survive on the streets of Manila. International social worker Claire tries to safe her but this hard headed, traumatized girl thinks she can take her life in her own hands. Though Lilet gets many opportunities to quit, she stubbornly chooses the hard way. The film is based on interviews with Lilet, a little girl, who became Manila’s most famous child prostitute.