ScriptJoão Viana
CameraMario Miranda
MusicPedro Carneiro
SoundJosé Pedro Figueiredo,
Mario Dias,
Nuno Carvalho,
Joaquim Pinto
ProducerJoão Viana
CastMamadu Baio,
Fatu Djebaté,
Imutar Djebaté
ProductionPapaveronoir Filmes
World salesCapricci Films ,
2013, 78'

The Battle of Tabato
Batalha de Tabatô

Director: JOÃO VIANA
The father has returned home to Guinea-Bissau from Portugal to attend his daughter’s wedding. It is supposed to take place in Tabatô, a village where everyone makes music. On the way there, it becomes apparent that the father is seriously traumatised by his experiences as a soldier in the colonial war decades earlier. When the father finally fights his demons and the village musicians seek to banish them by playing on their balafons, it becomes a battle of war versus peace and past versus future. This visually fascinating film incorporates many documentary elements into its story.