June 29,  «Non-official» Awards were presented to the competitors of the 35th MIFF.

Sergey Zernov, director of the Gorky Film Studio, and Evgeny Gerasimov, filmmaker, opened the Award Ceremony.

They told about forthcoming Film Studio jubilee that will be celebrated in 2015, sharing ideas about developing of children cinema in Russia. According to Evgeny Gerasimov this sphere of filmmaking should be supported by the Government and be at the same level as adult cinema is.

Later, “Non-official” Awards were announced. The chairman of FIPRESSI Gerald Phiri , who first of all expressed  thanks to the Moscow International Film Festival  , announced his prize winner, noting that in a course of the festival there was  an unfortunate incident when Russian film critic resigned the jury committee as he considered the films under the main program not to be involving. Phiri marked he doesn’t share the  former critic’s opinion. The prize for best film of the main competition program was given to “Memories They Told Me” motion by Lucia Murat.

Russian Guild of Film Critics gave the Honorary Certificate to “The Ravine Of Goodbye” by Tatsushi Omori. Their main Award went to “Matterhorn” by Diederick Ebbinge.  Russian Film Club Federation also gave its Best Film Award  to “Matterhorn”.  Their Award for Best Russian Film went to “Judas” by Andrey Bogatyrev.

“Commersant Weekend” gave its Award to “Disorder” by Archil Kavtaradze.

Nina Romodanovskaya, editor of website Profcinema presented The Audience Award and it was given to “Metterhorn”. For the first time ever the Award  was presented in the form of Key.  “I consider this Award to be the most important one for the director as a motion is always made for the audience” – Romodanovskaya said. Moreover she presented the winner the certificate for marketing distribution  within Russia.

All Awards for “Matterhorn” film was given to the representative of The Netherlands Embassy in Moscow, she promised to pass it to the film crew as soon as possible.