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A report on “The Dark Matter Of Love” press-conference June 25, 2013

June 25, a press centre of the 35th Moscow International Film Festival hosted a press-conference devoted to “The Dark Matter Of Love”, documentary program participant. Director Sarah Mccarthy presented the film. The work touches a pressing question for Russia: an adoption of Russian children by American families. As the director said her film is not really enough for setting the problem, that is why her project is supported by production company where Sarah Mccarthy works. “If we can raise some money from distribution of a movie we will set a tour around the cities where film making took place, for distributing the information about this project among maximum number of people”.

The director doesn't consider her film to be an advertisement of an American life. “My film is not the advertisement at least the fact that I am not a representative of the USA. I was born in Australia. My father is Irishman and mother is Russian. As for project funding the money was allocated from the budget of an independent third company” - said Sarah. In addition she said that it is really important to give the children an opportunity to communicate. Such an alternative was given to Masha, one of the role performer. “I think she gains an advantage from Americanization process” - noted Mccarthy.

The director also clarified the name of the film. The notion “dark matter” was taken from physics and refers to 70% of the universe that is not still studied and can not be understood. The children upbringing is based on this “The dark matter” and it strongly influences on their future. That is why it is the most significant thing every person could ever have in his life”.

At the end of the conference, the director marked they has already hold a negotiations with the TV channel "Rain", which provides the promotion of this film in Russia. Sarah asked for anyone who is interested in supporting the project, contact her personally.