Dates update of the 44th Moscow International Film Festival Announced

Dates update of the 44th Moscow International Film Festival have been announced — it will be held in 2022 from August 26 to September 2.

The chairman of the festival selection committee is the journalist and producer Ivan Kudryavtsev. The selection committee included film critics Evgenia Tirdatova, Egor Moskvitin, Nina Kochelyaeva, Grigory Libergal, Sergey Miroshnichenko, Nadezhda Koroleva, Vadim Rutkovsky, producers Katerina Mikhailova and Anna Shalashina. Other prominent experts will also be invited as consultants and curators of the author's programs.

The MIFF program is set in motion: we received more than 200 applications for the main competition alone. The geography of the countries whose cinematographers wish to premiere their films at the MIFF extends from Argentina, Brazil, Peru, the USA, and other countries of the Western hemisphere, to Great Britain, Serbia, Italy, and France in the west of our continent and India, Iran, the Middle East, China, Southeast Asia, and even Oceania.

"We consider Discovery and Openness to be the super-task of the new version of the Moscow International Film Festival", Ivan Kudryavtsev said. "First of all, discovery of new names in the international cinema art, new countries and territories which are little known to the thousands of the Festival attendees and (so far) underexplored by the international festival community. In total, 60 countries are represented in applications, but the dynamics of their admission shows that the number will increase significantly. For example, we may think that we have a good idea of the cinema formats that India, Iran or, say, Nollywood, offer to the world, but it only seems that way. Now, Nigeria, whose population has surpassed 200 million people and will reach a quarter of a billion in several years, has become a bustling picture production center, with the box office hitting $1 billion in less than a year. And there are a lot of other examples of emerging "growth points". Openness of the MIFF platform to them above all is our basic principle. 

At the same time, we, for sure, have a goal to show the entire palette of the modern cinema art, including works from well known territories, at this pivotal moment in the development of our civilization. Due to its long production cycle, cinema cannot afford jumping to conclusions, but this provides its most powerful ability to anticipate and foresee. The world view to be demonstrated to us by the MIFF in its entirety is intended to define this anticipation, both of the current moment and of the foreseeable historical perspective."

Ivan Kudryavtsev is a famous producer and journalist, a member of the Guild of Film Critics of the Russian Filmmakers' Union and an academician of the National Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Ivan is one of the leading Russian film market experts who chairs the Expert Board of the Golden Eagle National Film Awards. He is also Deputy General Director and Director of film channels of Digital Television JSC (VGTRK and Rostelekom), the largest holding on the Russian Pay TV market. Starting 2009, Ivan is the author and host of the Cinema Industry weekly show which is broadcast on Russia 24, the main news channel in the country. 

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