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5 October 16:45
6 October 20:15

2019, 94'

Kora and his brother Onan gather four men to go on a gaur hunt in order to make some quick money. Their journey progresses through their dreams, desires, fears, fantasies and struggles. Distanced from their families and loved ones, sharing stories help them remember and appreciate their inescapable pasts and make bonds. When the real and imagined nature turn out to be larger than their will and strength could handle, they learn the harsh realities of the endeavor they have taken up.

Don Palathara was born in 1986, Kerala, India. Born and raised in a Syrian Christian middle class family in Kerala, Don later migrated to Australia. He received a diploma from the Academy of Film, Theatre and Television in Sydney. His first movie «The Corpse» (2015) was received well after its Netflix release and gained accolades at several international film festivals.

ScriptDon Palathara
CameraAlex Joseph,
Jayesh Mohan
MusicBasil C.J.
ProducerAbhilash Kumar,
Jesna Ashim
CastAssif Yogi,
Jain Andrews,
Krishnan Balakrishnan,
Sherin Catherine,
Joseph Chilamban
ProductionArtbeat Studios
World salesBasil Content Media,
4 October 15:30
5 October 14:15

2020, 95'

The movie chronicles the life of Khadeeja, a married muslim woman confined within the four walls of the household, forced to conceal her desires in the name of religious and societal norms. When fate brings her to an abandoned life, she chooses a different way of financially and sexually liberating herself- to be a sex worker; soon to realize that her soul is still dissatisfied. Finding a new way of hope, she decides to give back to the forces that pushed her to live an orphaned life of humiliation and misery.

Sajin Babu is a film maker from Kerala. His inclination towards cinema began at a very early age. His debut feature film titled «Unto The Dusk» won him numerous accolades and was also screened at various film festivals across the country. It also won best feature film at Bangalore International Film Festival 2014.

ScriptSajin Baabu
CameraKarthik Muthukumar
MusicLeo Tom
CastKani Kusruti,
Mini I G,
Shailaja Jala,
Thonakkal Jayachandran
ProductionUAN Film House
World salesUAN Film House